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Automate your sales and services in just 7 days

Vtiger CRM helps you automate your marketing, sales & support.

9 Simple steps to CRM Automation

CRM software is one of the tools that has become essential to most businesses in the world. To automate your mundane work, here are the 9 simple steps you should follow in Vtiger CRM.

Tip #1 - Activate your instance

Activate Vtiger CRM from Vtiger Website or click below tab to activate free trial vtiger CRM.

Tip #2 - Import data in Leads, Contacts & Accounts.

Download sample file format, prepare your data in CSV file and import them into Vtiger CRM

Tip #3 - Add custom Fields.

Depending on your requirement just go settings>>select the module>> and add custom field like text, picklist, date field etc.

Tip #4 - Create workflow for automating mundane processes.

Workflows, helps you streamline your business by automating some of your most common operations. You no longer need to perform tasks manually but simply ask a workflow to do it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Tip #5 - Create email templates.

Vtiger gives you an inbuilt template designer using which you can create reusable email templates from scratch. You can replace the content in the template with your own, including text, colors, designs, logos, and style. Email templates save time!

Tip #6 - Activate your email through IMAP integration.

The 2-way sync, as the name, states sync emails between Vtiger and IMAP providers. You can exchange emails with your customers within Vtiger CRM without losing continuity.

Tip #7 - Create Profile & Roles.

A role defines the part that a user plays in an organization’s hierarchy. You can create your organization-wide role hierarchy in Vtiger CRM with the help of Roles.

Tip #8 - Add Users and assign Profile & Roles.

A CRM profile defines what actions a user can perform on Vtiger CRM records. You can have different profiles such as Sales, Support & Marketing etc.

With Admin privileges, you can perform add user, editing, delete and other actions by following the steps below

  1. Click on Menu.

  2. Click Manage Users.

  3. Click on Add User to add a new User to the account

  4. Select Role & Profile.

Tip #9 - Download Mobile app from Play Store.

To download the mobile app, go play store and download Vtiger CRM Mobile App.

And lastly, train your staff in the usage of CRM.

One bonus tip: Consultants can help you get started. Our charges start from 25,000/- for the same.

This will help you to implement CRM hassle free in your organization.

Explain and Train your CRM users how to use it effectively.

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