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Case Study

Plakads Realty

Plakads is a Real Estate Brokerage & Advisory firm. Established in 1999, Plakads Team works across the West Bengal Real Estate Industry, across a multitude of segments and offers a wide variety of services. They are one of the premier broking houses of Kolkata, with an established legacy and hundreds of happy clients to vouch for.


Manage enquiries for Buy, Sale and Rent of properties.

Manage Buy, Sale and Rent properties inventory.

Track all activities done by Salespersons

Track Emails received and sent.

Send generic emails like Brokerage Confirmation, Agreement, Feedback etc.

Track all Real Estate Projects related to properties.

Track Telephones received and replied.

Stay connected at all times.

Solution Implemented

Sales Pipeline

Customized sales pipeline to manage Buy, Sale and Rent deals to consolidate all the enquiries coming at one place into CRM.

Pre-designed Template

Customized email templates to send generic emails like Brokerage Confirmation, Agreement, Feedback etc.

Property Inventory

Customized Properties module to manage all the Buy, Sale and Rent properties at a single place in CRM.

Telephony Integration

Integrate Ozonetel telephony system with CRM, so that all calls made by user sync automatically with CRM

Project Module

Customized Project module to manage project specifications and relate with all the properties available in the inventory.

Mobile App

Mobile App of CRM Implemented so that salesperson can update CRM and their daily activities at anywhere, anytime.

Email Integration

Email integration with CRM, so that communication can be done from CRM

Immediate Benefit


Property Management

Move entire property Management from excel to CRM, which makes it easy to access 24x7 anytime, anywhere through web CRM and Mobile App.


Sales Pipeline

Multiple Sales Pipeline help to streamline the different sales process of Buy, Sale and Rent properties and help to track every opportunity easily.



Automatic Reminders System generated automatic follow up task; meeting reminder helps in timely follow up and increase in productivity.



Pre-approved email templates created to send generic emails like Brokerage Confirmation, Agreement, Feedback, Wishes, Meeting Confirmation etc.



Integration of Ozonetel telephony system with CRM helps to track recording of all calls and call logs between clients and sales people.

Email Integration

Integration of office email with CRM helps to track the communications with clients from CRM.

Sales Dashboard

Various enquiry analysis and sales insight available in dashboard to track the performance.

24x7 Anytime, Anywhere

24x7 Anytime, anywhere connected with operation management through user friendly mobile app.

Simplified Report

The manager & salesperson reporting is simplified, informative and productive.

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Testimonial from Client

Alok Choudhury
Plakads Realty


"Excellent Service and Support. What they commit, they deliver."

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